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Covid Lessons

Returning to our Heska Amuna Synagogue, what lessons can we begin to piece together? What do we keep and what do we give up?

Inhale your authentic self, and exhale your superficial self. Based on Robert Alter's translation of Ecclesiastes, "Merest breath."

Is "Brit" a (a) compact, (b) contract, (c) covenant, or (d) none of the above?

Good for Rosh HaShanah, or any time you need to release past regrets or future worries!

In trying times, we ought to rewrite our definition of success. Sometimes, surviving and thriving is its own blessing.

A Recipe for Joy

In trying times, what can our tradition teach us about remaining buoyant, agreeable, and content?

Narcissism is a plague of that age - how might the practices of Deuteronomy salve that?

The Rule of Law

Law binds us together as a society, but the cords can become frayed. How do we pursue justice with mercy and humility?

Have we forgotten to look out for each other, lost our civic-spirit, or become a nation of narcissists?! Deuteronomy offers a way back.

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